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We are More than just Haircare

School Children

Gap Packs Initiative

Est. 2015

There was always a question in my mind of how during the holdays children rarelyereas gifted with a new bookbags and school supplies.  Instead the gifts of education were replaced by the newest pair of shoes or the most expensive pair of jeans a youth should own.  So we created this initiative to help assist parents, students and educators.  We gift local schools with bookbags and school supplies to help carry the excited student to the end of the academic year.  We also donate supplies to the educational staff so there is less of a financial burden on them as well.  Join us by either donating items or you can donate funds that will assist in the purchase of these much needed items.  The students, parents and staff so appreciate this.  



One of Jade Multicultural Salon's initiatives for 2018 and beyond is the Breakthrough Beauty Campaign. We are searching for a deserving man or woman who just needs an opportunity to see themselves in a world of distraction. Do you know someone who is not able to give to themselves because they are at the service of everyone else? Send us a written proposal and tell us why this special person needs to have this moment of rediscovery. One winner will be chosen each season for a total of 4 people who will be blessed with the gift of seeing the most enhanced version of themselves.  Join me changing lives!  Submit to sharing why this unsung hero deserves to have The Jade Experience.  Thank you!



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